Fashion is a distinctive and often constant trend in the style in which a person dresses. Fashion defines a person. It exposes an individual’s personality.

The idea behind creating the polishmade brand was my ongoing feeling of being homesick. While living abroad, far away from home, I came to realize that I needed to create a unique, comfortable fashion line for the Polish women scattered all over the world. The polishmade brand includes apparel that varies from outfits of patriotic character to casual clothing which can be worn on a daily basis.

Comfy. Polish. Fashionable. Yep, that’s what the polishmade is all about 🙂

Check Interactive Prototype here
Clothing Line / Web Development all Made by Me! 
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Hi, I’m Zofia a Digital Designer.

What I value at work is creative freedom and the opportunity to learn and develop my skills.

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